3 highlights you should go to the Bar Convent Berlin 2023 for

3 Highlights, fΓΌr die ihr zum Bar Convent Berlin 2024 gehen solltet

Under the regulations imposed by the Corona pandemic, Bar Convent Berlin was held last year at the Berlin Exhibition Grounds for the first time since the pandemic began. This year it will be held there again. What the Bar Convent Berlin is at all, when it takes place, as well as our highlights, what makes the Bar Convent Berlin this year, we tell you in this article.

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What is the Bar Convent Berlin?

Bar Convent Berlin (BCB for short) is the leading international trade fair for the bar and beverage industry, located in the capital city of Berlin. A program of themed lectures, tastings and networking events is offered to the 15,000 visitors each year.

When and where will Bar Convent Berlin 2023 take place?

The BCB will take place again at the exhibition grounds in Berlin from October 9 to 11, 2023. Due to the pandemic, the trade fair had to be changed to a Global Bar Week in 2020, in which exhibitors* presented themselves digitally, but in 2021 the convention already took place in Berlin again, albeit in a limited form.

In 2023, over 500 exhibitors will present their brands and new creations, as well as innovations for the hospitality industry. Thus, there is something for everyone who works around the hospitality industry.

Source: Bar Convent Berlin / Gili Shani / Β©Reed Exhibitions Deutschland GmbH.

Our 3 absolute highlights of the BCB 2023

1. varied experiences in the halls

Since Bar Convent 2023 will once again span six exhibition halls and an outdoor area, the organizers* have come up with something special: The exhibition halls will feature different themes. Among them:

  • Urban Gardening
  • Sensory
  • Aperetivo
  • Urban Market
  • Hidden Treasures

On the one hand, the exhibitors will again have the usual freedom of expression and can give free rein to their creativity. On the other hand, they will be able to focus on specific themes so that you can count on an experience that is as varied as possible.

Since each theme will certainly be interpreted and designed differently by all exhibitors in the area, you can definitely look forward to experiencing what the exhibitors' creativity has to offer.

For us, the variation of the halls is a crucial point that makes the convention so interesting. We are really looking forward to seeing how the exhibitors will interpret and adapt the themes so that each booth will be unique not only because of the brand but also the creativity.

Β© BCB/Gili Shani

2 The Young Guns Area

Newcomers are a pleasant refreshment in any industry, and this is especially true in the bar industry. In the Young Guns Area, you can look forward to seeing what industry newcomers bring with them in terms of expertise and new ideas.

After all, Bar Convent Berlin is not only a meeting place for the biggest international players in the spirits industry, but also for small distilleries that want to get in on the action.

Last year, the Young Guns area was heavily dominated by gin. This year, Low & No and Agave spirits will be in the spotlight. In addition to non-alcoholic, tequila and mezcal, you can also look forward to innovative whisk(e)ys, craft beers, absinthe and much more - the spirits world holds many innovations and innovative approaches.

As a startup, we of course find the idea great, as small distilleries can present themselves this way and on the one hand exchange their expertise and views with the big players in the industry. In this way, they can learn an incredible amount and inspire the entire industry with their ideas.

3rd International Bar Pop-Ups

The last Bar Convent hosted a complete novelty: the team around RΓ©my Savage was flown in from London to recreate and present their bar from London.

The feedback from the guests was so outstanding that the organizers* are continuing this concept this year. Two trendy themes of the bar scene will be shown on two exciting bar hotspots. With "Low & No" drinks, the bar team "The Cambridge Public House" from Paris will create cocktail creations with little to no alcohol. The other trend this year is all about agave. In the pop-up bar of the bar team "Barro Negro Athens" everything revolves around tequila and mezcal and the creations that the agave spirits have to offer.

So you may be as excited as we are to see which international bar(s) may present themselves in Berlin this fall. We find the idea particularly ingenious, because they give bars a chance to get international recognition and to be able to catch up with new guests as well as deals.

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Our conclusion: Buy tickets for the Bar Convent Berlin 2023 or become an exhibitor

Whether you like to drink or mix cocktails at home or in your favorite bar, for everyone interested around spirits and the variety of flavors in drinks, Bar Convent Berlin is a must-attend event, as it is every year. If you have the opportunity to experience the fair, we can only recommend exactly that!

Tickets for Bar Convent Berlin 2023 are available directly on the Bar Convent website or on site. In the online sale, the day ticket costs 49.00 € and the season ticket 122.00 €. If you want to go rather spontaneously to the Bar Convent you get on site the day ticket for 59,00 € and the season ticket will be available for 142,00 €. As the Bar Convent is a trade fair for trade visitors you have to identify yourself as a trade visitor when buying the tickets. Exhibitors can book their booth at Bar Convent 2023 here. There you will also find everything about the program of this year's Bar Convent, a list of exhibitors and products as well as the hall plan.

If you want to learn more about Bar Convent, check out the Instagram account @barconventber or visit the website: www.barconvent.com.

What do you think of the event? Feel free to let us know in the comments!

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