Do you want to promote more sustainability in your company? Let us support you! How about a few free samples?

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Can I get free samples?

Of course, because we can well understand that you want to test our products first before you use them across the board.

That's why you can order free sample packs for all our product categories. Click on "Shop" in our navigation and then on the category "Free Samples". Then select the sample pack you are interested in and put it into your shopping cart. You only pay the shipping costs.

How many samples can I order?

The offer is limited to one sample pack per product category. So you can order one sample pack of drinking straws and one sample pack of to-go items together, but not two sample packs of drinking straws.

How many items are included in each pack?

Our samples are stocked as follows:

Sample Pack Drinking Straws:

  • 3x #IAMPLASTICFREE drinking straws 2.0 size S
  • 3x #IAMPLASTICFREE drinking straws 2.0 size M
  • 3x #IAMPLASTICFREE drinking straws 2.0 size L
  • 3x #IAMPLASTICFREE Drinking Straws Wood

Sample Pack Bags:

  • 2x #IAMPLASTICFREE trash bags (240x390mm)
  • 2x #IAMPLASTICFREE shopping bag (330x430mm)
  • 2x #IAMPLASTICFREE Mailer (290x430mm)

Sample Pack To-Go

  • 1x #IAMPLASTICFREE Coffee-To-Go cup 200ml
  • 1x #IAMPLASTICFREE Coffee-To-Go-Mug 300ml
  • 1x #IAMPLASTICFREE Lid for Coffee-To-Go cup Ø80mm (fits 200ml cup)
  • 1x #IAMPLASTICFREE Lid for Coffee-To-Go cup Ø90mm (fits 300ml cups)
  • 1x #IAMPLASTICFREE Lid with cross slot for Cold Drinks To-Go Ø90mm (fits 300ml cups)

What can I use the patterns for?

We send our samples individually in simple padded envelopes or small boxes, depending on the type and composition. As a result, we cannot guarantee hygienic packaging and offer the samples for material testing only.