Plastic-free alternatives for gastronomy and trade

Sustainable alternatives that are in no way inferior to classic plastic products without being made of petroleum-based plastic. With this mission, we founded #IAMPLASTICFREE in 2018. Impossible? It is possible! Our products consist largely of natural, renewable resources. This means they are free of plastic components without having to sacrifice the positive properties of a plastic product. Are you curious? Come and see for yourself.

  • Contains no petroleum

    Our products do not consist of petroleum, the limited raw material that is the basis of most plastics, and therefore do not contain any plastic or microplastics.

  • Made of natural materials

    Our products are largely made from renewable resources and are either recyclable or biodegradable.


    Show the world that there is an alternative to petroleum-based plastics! With the hashtag, our products become your personal statement. 

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More than 1.000 partners from restaurants and bars, hotels, and shops trust in our products. When do you join?

Collage von einigen Unternehmen, die #IAMPLASTICFREE Produkte nutzen, darunter EDEKA, REWE und Henkel


In February of 2021, a camera team from the German science magazine Galileo followed us and let us tell our story.
  • Biogenic waste as the basis for natural plastic alternatives

    For our natural alternatives, we use biogenic waste materials such as manioc peels and vegetable oils. Based on these renewable resources, we produce petroleum-free alternatives whose properties are fully comparable to classic plastic products, and in some cases even surpass them. For example, the majority of our products decompose in home compost within a few months. Our materials therefore only need a fraction of the time that petroleum-based products spend in nature, leaving no harmful microplastics behind.

  • Sustainable alternatives to plastic products

    With our products, we pursue the goal of producing real sustainable alternatives to plastic products, which have the advantages of plastic, but do not use petroleum, and are biodegradable. As a young start-up, we want to show restaurateurs and retailers that disposable products made of petroleum-based plastic can already be replaced with at least equal quality through the use of innovative, renewable resources. Thus, as a young start-up, we show an innovative solution to the ever-present problem of plastic. Of course, avoiding and recycling disposable products is desirable, but we know very well how difficult it is to implement this in many cases.

Compostable drinking straws for the hospitality industry

We think sustainable reusable straws are admirable, but not always realistic to implement for many restaurants because of the effort required to clean them properly. Many other disposable alternatives quickly become soaked or are not tasteless. This is not the case with our #IAMPLASTICFREE drinking straws.

  • Getränk mit nachhaltigem Strohhalm #IAMPLASTICFREE

    If you want a premium alternative to plastic straws that promises and delivers quality from the first glance, our refined #IAMPLASTICFREE drinking straws 2.0 are the ideal choice, as they have the same stability and durability in the glass, but contain no petroleum.

    To the drinking straws 2.0 
  • Getränk mit nachhaltigem Trinkhalm aus Holz von #IAMPLASTICFREE

    If the drinking straws should signal at first glance and unmistakably that they are not made of plastic, our #IAMPLASTICFREE drinking straws Wood are the best choice, as they bring a uniquely sustainable style to every drink with their wrapped pine wood.

    To the drinking straws Wood 
#IAMPLASTICFREE Gründer Kevin steht mit Shopping Bags vor Süßigkeiten-Regal

Sustainable shopping bags for stationary retail and wholesale

It doesn't matter whether it's a food retailer, discounter, concept store or wholesaler: if you've already convinced your customers to make a sustainable decision with their purchase, you can round off their sustainable shopping experience with our # IAMPLASTICFREE shopping bags without giving them a having to offer a half-hearted alternative to the classic, robust plastic bags. Because our sustainable shopping bag is particularly convincing with its high-quality and velvety look and feel - without the use of petroleum. Based on biogenic waste from the cassava root and the addition of vegetable oils, our shopping bags are completely plastic-free and compostable. Do not you think? Cut off a corner of your bag and stir it in hot water (about 80°C), it will dissolve in seconds! But don't worry, because even if our bags are water-soluble, a rain shower is not a problem.

Shopping Bags
Versandbeutel von #IAMPLASTICFREE gehalten vor Briefkasten

Sustainable shipping bags for online trade

In Germany alone, around 12 million parcels are delivered every day - many of them either in boxes that are too large or in plastic packaging. Of course, both types of packing have their advantages: The cardboard box is natural-based and plastic-free, the plastic bag is compact. We have taken the advantages of both worlds and combined them in the #IAMPLASTICFREE Mailer. This gives you a compact, natural-based outer envelope for your deliveries, which your customers can compost at home. All of this is done, of course, without mineral oil or microplastics, and without harming the environment or animals. Since the delivery bags are made of the same material as our shopping bags, you can dissolve them in hot water (approx. 80°C) in just a few seconds.


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