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We are your partner for innovative and plastic-free disposable and reusable packaging in the catering and hotel industry.

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In February 2021, a camera team from the science magazine Galileo (ProSieben) accompanied us and let us tell our story.


High quality, environmentally friendly and always sustainable

  • Free from crude oil

    In our products, we do without the limited fossil raw material crude oil, the basic material of classic plastic.

  • Natural raw materials

    Most of our products are made from renewable resources and are either recyclable or biodegradable.

  • High quality

    The demands we place on ourselves and our products are high. This is the only way we can keep our promise of top quality and functionality.

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What our partners say

From the small trendy bar around the corner to international hotel chains, restaurateurs and hoteliers all over Europe rely on our products.


We have been developing and distributing plastic-free disposable and reusable items for the catering and hotel industry since 2018.

But it all started with a trip to Indonesia, where we saw for ourselves how big the problem with petroleum-based plastic already is. High time to change something...

Our story

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The time is ripe for plastic-free disposable packaging and sustainable reusable packaging

  • Plastic-free alternatives for restaurants & hotels

    Sustainable alternatives that are in no way inferior to classic plastic products without being made of petroleum-based plastic. With this mission, we founded #IAMPLASTICFREE in 2018. If you think this mission sounds impossible, then come and see our wide range of plastic-free catering products for yourself. Because all our products are made from petroleum-free and renewable raw materials. This means they are free from classic plastic. Curious? Then discover the variety of our petroleum-free products to make your business more sustainable too.

  • Sustainable take-away packaging for on the go

    If you also offer takeaway food in your restaurant or café, high-quality and sustainable food packaging is a must. That's why we have developed a selection of environmentally friendly take-away packaging for your take-away business, which also offers your guests a really good taste experience when eating on the go or at home. Our sustainable packaging is based on recyclable and/or compostable raw materials and does not use any petroleum-based plastic. "The best of both worlds" has never been so fitting.

  • Gastronomy articles & packaging made from natural materials

    For our plastic-free catering products, we use biogenic waste materials such as cassava peels, wood fibers and vegetable oils. Based on these renewable raw materials, we produce petroleum-free alternatives to plastic bags, plastic straws, plastic cups or even take-away packaging made of plastic or polystyrene. The majority of our products also decompose in home compost within a few months. Our materials therefore only need a fraction of the time that petroleum-based products spend in nature and leave no harmful microplastics behind.

  • Compostable bags made from biogenic waste materials

    Sustainable shopping bags and shipping bags are also part of our product portfolio. After all, restaurateurs are increasingly running a take-away service or even their own online store, often supplemented by a delivery service. This is why we have also developed bags and mailing bags made from sustainable film. We use an innovative material that is based on starch from the peel of the cassava root, among other things. However, the film can also be used in other ways, e.g. as a plastic-free bin liner or as a sustainable laundry bag. Feel free to contact us at any time for individual bag projects .

  • Plastic-free straws for bars and restaurants

    We think: Sustainable reusable straws are commendable. But the high cost of these alternatives to plastic straws alone is a reason for many catering establishments to rely on disposable straws made of paper, which are usually softening. With our sustainable drinking straws, we therefore have a solution to both problems: On the one hand, a reusable drinking straw that costs as much as some disposable straws and can still be cleaned a few times. Secondly, a sturdy disposable drinking straw made of pine wood, which does not soften even after hours in the drink and is even suitable as a straw for bubble tea.

  • Biodegradable packaging that works

    With our products, we are pursuing the goal of producing genuine sustainable alternatives to plastic products. We want to show you that disposable products made from petroleum-based plastic can already be replaced by innovative, renewable materials of at least equal value. From the sustainable alternative to plastic straws to the plastic-free solution for coffee-to-go cups: we focus on a combination of sustainability and quality for all our products. Because only if you and your guests are satisfied will we be able to make the transition to a plastic-free restaurant and hotel industry in the long term.