Whether kiosk, supermarket or online store: With our biodegradable shopping bags and mailing bags, you are always well (and sustainably) supplied. Read more...

  • Sustainable alternative to mailing bags and shopping bags

    Do you run an online shop and use a lot of shipping bags or would you like to offer a sustainable alternative to thick plastic bags for the purchases your customers make in your store? Why switch to a paper bag for sustainable reasons when there is an environmentally friendly alternative to conventional plastic bags that has the same properties? Light, thin, sustainable and yet robust - our #IAMPLASTICFREE bags offer exactly that. See for yourself!

  • Compostable shipping bags and shopping bags

    Our #IAMPLASTICFREE bags decompose in the compost within a few months and are harmless to the environment and animals on land and in the sea. Wondering how that's possible? Our sustainable biodegradable shipping bags and compostable shopping bags owe this to their composition of biogenic waste materials. Unlike plastic bags, which are often not even recycled, our shopping bags and mailers decompose in nature without harmful microplastics.

  • Bags made from innovative and sustainable material

    The #IAMPLASTICFREE mailers and shopping bags are made from plant-based materials. We use the starch from the peel of the cassava root in the production process, and in combination with vegetable oils we create a strong alternative to plastic film. The material is in no way inferior to a plastic bag, it is even slightly thicker and the velvety feel of our bags makes them feel higher quality than many other bags. Do you want to reduce plastic consumption? We have an innovative solution to the global plastic problem.

  • Water-soluble and environmentally friendly bags

    Looking for bags without microplastics? The #IAMPLASTICFREE bags are the solution. Our bags are made from natural materials and are therefore harmless to marine life, for example. From a water temperature of 80 degrees Celsius, our shopping bags and shipping bags are water-soluble and dissolve in this hot water within seconds! But don't worry - if they get a little water on them, it's no problem. Our sustainable bags are extra thick and therefore water-repellent, i.e. protected against rain, snow and moisture.

  • Customizable mailing bags and shopping bags

    #IAMPLASTICFREE x your brand. Would you like a personalized bag for your company made from a sustainable material? You can design and customize the #IAMPLASTICFREE bags according to your own ideas from a purchase quantity of 10,000 pieces. Both in the form of classic plastic-free shopping bags and in the form of plastic-free shipping bags. Our #IAMPLASTICFREE film is versatile and we are open to any suggestions - so be creative and we look forward to your inquiry and your ideas!

  • Stylish and sustainable plastic bag alternative

    Our #IAMPLASTICFREE bags not only impress with their sustainable material - their stylish design makes our environmentally friendly bags stand out from the crowd. The mailers come in classic black and a strong message in white. Our shopping bags come in white with our classic "#IAMPLASTICFREE" logo. Would you like to see our shopping bags or mailers and the design for yourself and test whether they are right for your customers? Then simply order your own sample pack and test our sustainable bags.