#IAMPLASTICFREE Trinkhalm 2.0 in Weißwein-Glas mit klarem, orangen Cocktail, Eiswürfeln und einer Orangenscheibe, dabei eine halbierte Orange


Are you combining top ingredients to create a unique drink that your guests should really enjoy? We round off your sustainable drink concept with our plastic-free straws. Read more...

  • Sustainable drinking straws without plastic

    Plastic straws are a thing of the past! Not only because of the ban on single-use plastic in 2021, today there are simply many alternatives to the conventional plastic straw. Glass, stainless steel, paper - these alternatives are more environmentally friendly, but they don't really replace plastic straws. We have sustainable drinking straws without plastic for you that compete with plastic. Instead of petroleum-based materials, we use wood fibers, sugar and glucose for our #IAMPLASTICFREE drinking straw 2.0. Our Wood drinking straw and our Bubble Tea drinking straw are wrapped from sustainable pine wood and glued with an environmentally friendly glue.

  • Comparison with other drinking straw alternatives

    With our sustainable #IAMPLASTICFREE drinking straws, we have created sustainable alternatives to plastic straws that easily avoid many of the problems associated with other solutions. No more softening, breaking, noisy clinking or difficult cleaning - our straws can withstand the challenges. All our plastic-free drinking straws are heat-resistant and our drinking straw 2.0 is even dishwasher-safe. Our sustainable straws can decorate your cocktails all night long without softening. Similar to a plastic straw, our eco-friendly stra ws are tasteless and odorless for your optimal drinking pleasure.

  • Our drinking straws 2.0 are produced in Germany

    #MadeInGermany - for us, an environmentally friendly straw alternative also includes sustainable and regional production. To be able to offer you an environmentally friendly product with a clear conscience, we produce our #IAMPLASTICFREE drinking straws 2.0 in Germany: because for us, not only the material but also the shipping is part of a sustainable product. We source the raw materials required for our drinking straws from sustainable cultivation. In addition, we ship our plastic-free drinking straws after your order with DHL GoGreen and DPD and can therefore guarantee climate-neutral shipping.

  • Environmentally friendly straws for the catering trade

    Our classic designs perfectly round off the look of your drinks. Whether it's a bar, restaurant, club or hotel - your guests often focus not only on the taste, but also on the look of their drink. Our sustainable drinking straw 2.0 has a simple black design with the white lettering "#IAMPLASTICFREE". It's the perfect choice for a stylish drink. Our Wood straw and Bubbletea straw with their classic wooden design are the perfect choice for you if you like it simple. Who wants to see a plastic straw in their cocktail when there are great sustainable alternatives?

  • Compostable drinking straws

    Wondering how you can dispose of our #IAMPLASTICFREE straws later? That's easy! Thanks to the natural and sustainable materials we use for our plastic-free alternatives in the innovative production process, our straws are certified for home composting and are fully compostable. After extensive use of our environmentally friendly drinking straws, you don't have to feel guilty about throwing them away - simply throw them in the home compost or in your residual waste garbage can(drinking straw 2.0) or waste paper garbage can(drinking straw Wood and drinking straw Bubble Tea) and the rest will take care of itself.

  • See our sustainable drinking straws for yourself

    Are you interested in one of our sustainable alternatives to plastic straws? Then convince yourself of our #IAMPLASTICFREE drinking straws with our free sample packs. Have we already convinced you of our environmentally friendly solutions and are you interested in an individual offer for business customers? Then send us an email to hello@iamplasticfree.org or simply use the contact form on our website. We look forward to you soon being part of our #IAMPLASTICFREE family.