#IAMPLASTICFREE Shopping Bag Einkaufstüte Kooperation EDEKA Kruse vor EDEKA Markt gehalten

Individual bags & mailers

With our #IAMPLASTICFREE film, we rely on natural and biodegradable materials. Ideally suited for shopping bags, shipping bags and many other applications. Available in small quantities in the store and fully customizable from 10,000 pieces.

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#IAMPLASTICFREE Shopping Bag Einkaufstüte Kooperation mit REWE Teichert vor REWE Markt gezeigt

Custom shopping bags

The alternative to the classic plastic bag in retail: Our #IAMPLASTICFREE shopping bags. Flexible and stretchy like a petroleum-based bag and - depending on the wall thickness - suitable for a load of several kilos. The feel not only looks high-quality, but also allows the plastic-free shopping bag to be reused several times.

Available in the standard dimensions 330mm x 400mm from a purchase quantity of just 100 pieces in our shop . With higher purchase quantities (at least 10,000 pieces), there is also the option of adapting the shape, size, color and imprint. In cooperation with REWE Teichert and EDEKA Kruse, the first #IAMPLASTICFREE shopping bags are already available in Germany's largest supermarket chains.

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#IAMPLASTICFREE Mailer Versandbeutel vor Kamera gehalten

Custom shipping bags

Around 12,000,000 parcels are sent every day in Germany alone. Fashion online shops in particular are increasingly using plastic shipping bags, which lead to high plastic consumption. With our plastic-free shipping bag, we have developed a sustainable and petroleum-free alternative to conventional shipping bags, which is even water-soluble.

With the dimensions 290mm x 390mm, the #IAMPLASTICFREE mailer is also available for smaller online shops from a quantity of 50 pieces. The same applies here: If you order a larger quantity, you can customize the mailer in terms of shape, size (up to 65 cm wide and 100 microns thick), color and imprint.

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#IAMPLASTICFREE Shopping Bag Hundekotbeutel Kooperation Poo Pick Daniel Knoeppel hält Tüte in Kamera mit Hund neben ihm

Custom special projects

Shopping bags and mailers are just the beginning, because our #IAMPLASTICFREE film is versatile and we are open to any suggestions. For example, the direct outer packaging of electrical items, textiles, etc. would be conceivable in principle. But it is also possible to use our material for the production of plastic-free garbage bags of any kind and we are already working on the first pilot projects in this regard.

The order for the start-up "The Poopick" shows what the result of a collaboration for "special projects" can look like. You see: No matter how unusual your project may be, let's chat!

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As we all know, a picture is worth a thousand words. That's why we're showing you some of the special projects we've already implemented with and for partners.

  • #IAMPLASTICFREE Shopping Bag Einkaufstüte Kooperation mit REWE Teichert auf Tisch liegend

    REWE Teichert

    The REWE Markt Teichert near Essen relies on our shopping bags: Produced in the desired format 380x420mm and using the classic REWE red, a sustainable alternative to plastic bags has been created, which thanks to the large-area imprint (including co-branding) with the communicated to consumers.

  • #IAMPLASTICFREE Shopping Bag Einkaufstüte Kooperation mit EDEKA Kruse auf Tisch liegend

    EDEKA Kruse

    Together with EDEKA Kruse we are making East Friesland plastic-free! Because our sustainable shopping bags are available in all 9 branches of the retailer (EDEKA, Mein Inselmarkt, Nah und gut), from Norderney to Hage. Available in the well-known format (330x40mm), complemented by a modern, co-branded design.

  • #IAMPLASTICFREE Shopping Bag Hundekotbeutel Kooperation mit Poo Pick auf Tisch liegend

    The PooPick

    Go for a walk without plastic? From now on no more problem! On behalf of the sustainable pet supplies startup "The Poopick", we developed a green dog waste bag in the format 270x310mm, which was refined with a large logo design. Curious? The bags can be purchased from the Poopick online shop .

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