5 erstklassige Gründe die INTERNORGA 2023 zu besuchen

5 first-class reasons to visit INTERNORGA 2023

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After the Internorga 2021 took place online and the Internorga 2022 could already take place again in the Hamburg Messe under certain conditions, the Internorga 2023 will also take place in Hamburg again. The organizers have been working flat out to develop an innovative concept for the construction in order to guarantee an even better experience.

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What is the INTERNORGA?

Internorga is the trade fair for gastronomy and the hotel industry in Northern Germany. With around 1,300 exhibitors, it offers considerable space for national and international companies. Mainly new products, sustainable alternatives and innovative technologies will be presented. The Internorga takes place every spring at the Hamburg Exhibition Center. In addition to the trade fair itself, awards such as the Future Prize are also awarded and competitions such as the “Next Chef Award” are initiated by Internorga.

When is INTERNORGA 2023?

Internorga 2023 will take place from March 10th to March 14th. The fair will offer space for innovations from all areas of hospitality and those associated with them. In addition, congresses and competitions are held to show visitors what's going on in the minds of the industries and what ideas they have.

Who is INTERNORGA suitable for?

The Internorga is for everyone who works in hotels, bakeries, restaurants, bars, taverns or confectioneries or who have a great interest in the industry. From students who are enthusiastic about baking, to gastro trainees or ecotrophology students to environmental scientists and company founders; all visitors to Internorga will find what they are looking for thanks to the great diversity of the fair, can pursue their area of ​​interest, see new inspiration and, with a bit of luck, make important contacts.

If you can assign your company to one of the following categories, it is definitely worth considering booking a stand yourself and becoming an exhibitor at Internorga. But then brisk brisk, we heard that there are only a few places left.

Main categories of Internorga 2023:

  1. food and beverages
  2. Kitchen technology and equipment
  3. Restaurant and hotel equipment
  4. digital applications

5 excellent reasons to visit INTERNORGA 2023:

1. Stay informed about current topics and trends

Immerse yourself in a world of the future: shop design, plant-based, the world of coffee, convenience food, concession catering - all these unusual topics and many more can be found at the North German Internorga 2023. Both individual exhibitors at Internorga and the trade fair team will clarify new, innovative ones Trends in the food and gastronomy sector. For example, all the rules and developments in table decoration can be observed on the 50m long Skywalk board.

In addition, Internorga publishes “FoodZoom” in cooperation with trend researcher Karin Tischer. This is a guide that refers to all new trends and ideas in the catering industry and analyzes and describes current movements. Suggestions for areas such as artificial intelligence, street food and nutritional preferences such as "high protein" or "vegan" are given and all questions relating to these areas are clarified. The previous presentation can easily be downloaded from the Internorga website. This gives you an insight into the trends from Internorga. The thesis paper also gives an overview of the future of the out-of-home market and refers specifically to customer behavior and the wishes of guests.

(©Hamburg Messe und Congress/Katrin Neuhauser)

2. Get to know the latest devices and technology

Under the term "connected kitchen", various providers are trying to find clever solutions for the catering sector in order to simplify and optimize the preparation of delicacies. The aim is to relieve employees and save time.

But how can this networking of the kitchen look like? How exactly the individual kitchen appliances are supposed to communicate with each other and which automated processes are being developed can be seen directly at Internorga or tried out for yourself. The exhibitors at Internorga present their smart devices and show their advanced technology such as "4D Printing" or "Sensor Technology."

You should be in good hands with the exhibitors in the “Kitchen technology and equipment” categories. In addition, regular customers now have the opportunity to pursue their individual wishes for stand design and preparation, which offers more potential for exhibitors and customers.

So if you're wondering how the blast chiller is connected to the cooking oven and how this automation can be useful, stop by and get inspired by the latest techniques.

(©Hamburg Messe und Congress/Rolf Otzipka)

3. Benefits from NEW WORK approaches

On every corner you will find new concepts and ideas to make the world of work more sustainable, social and smart. Especially in and after the Corona crisis, modern forms of work are needed to make everyday life easier. This is where New Work comes into play. Internorga would like to offer a platform for inspiration and exchange and see this crisis as an opportunity to come together again, learn from one another and support one another. New work in gastronomy includes areas such as digitization, sustainability, sharing offers, leadership management, time recording, internal communication and more.

Be inspired by new concepts and broaden your horizons not only in the area of ​​"Technology" or "Trends" but also in the area of ​​"New Work". Get in touch with other restaurateurs and hotel owners, discuss different New Work approaches and report on your experiences. New Work is not rocket science; Change always takes time and dedication, but even small steps lead to success. And this success should be reflected in more satisfaction, less stress, more appreciation and new motivation.

(©Hamburg Messe und Congress/Katrin Neuhauser)

4. Discover the newcomer area & sustainable solutions

Are you looking for new innovative ideas? Do you want to get in touch with other young founders and talk to them about the future? Do you want to experience the latest trends live with all your senses? Then you've come to the right place in the Newcomer Area at Internorga 2023: Here, future-oriented formats are held in series, such as the "Next Chef Award". With so many kitchen stars and up-and-coming entrepreneurs, you don't even know where to start.

Do you have creative ideas and your delicacies bring everyone to cloud nine? Then maybe you should think about signing up yourself.

Whether as a visitor or an exhibitor, the special exhibition areas and specials at Internorga have a lot to offer. Don't miss the "PinkCube", the "Craft Coffee Area" or the "Craft Spirit Lounge", delicious and exciting products are waiting for you!

In addition, sustainability plays another important role at Internorga 2023. Startups in particular are trying to create plastic-free alternatives for the hospitality industry or to design new products from recycled plastic. Since 2020 also that Plastic bag ban in Germany and 2021 that Since the ban on single-use plastic was introduced , it is exciting to see what further measures will be taken in the future to protect our environment from pollution. Through themed lectures and innovative products, Internorga would like to create greater awareness of the topics of "plastic", " waste separation " and "waste". For this purpose, the new subject area "Packaging & Delivery" was introduced.

Here, too, there are numerous opportunities not only in the "Newcomer Area" but also in other areas of the fair to find sustainable solutions and to obtain extensive information. If you want to know how we at #IAMPLASTICFREE are trying to revolutionize the hospitality industry and create sustainable alternatives with plastic-free bags and straws, you can here inform yourself.

(©Hamburg Messe und Congress/Katrin Neuhauser)

5. Be inspired by the Packaging & Delivery area

During the pandemic, the demand for delivery services for restaurants, but also for supermarkets, has risen sharply. Big companies like Lieferando and Gorillas have seen massive growth, but Burger King, Subway and other individual restaurants have also started or expanded delivery services.

With the ban on single-use plastic in 2021, many restaurateurs lost an essential packaging material in certain areas, which meant they had to dodge and got an impetus to deal with reusable and returnable crockery. Innovators in the industry are offering this and much more at Internorga 2023.

Internorga 2023 offers you the opportunity to make a detour into the world of packaging and delivery after the catering industry.

Our conclusion: Mark Internorga 2023 in your calendar!

Pioneering trends, new technical solutions, modern forms of work, young founders, sustainable alternatives, agricultural concepts, culinary variations, design of the hospitality industry, visions of the future - the Internorga is filled with inspiration and ideas that will be a special experience for everyone. We are particularly excited about the specials and the new structuring of the subject areas.

We are pleased to give you an insight into Internorga 2023 (March 10th to March 14th) and hope that it will be an educational experience for everyone involved.

Tickets for Internorga 2023 & more

Tickets for Internorga 2023 are available from 22 euros and can be bought here . Exhibitors can place their stand at Internorga 2023 here book. More information about Internorga 2023 can be found on the Internorga website: www.internorga.com .

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