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Sample Pack To-Go

Sample Pack To-Go

Not quite sure if our #IAMPLASTICFREE to-go products meet your needs? No problem. With our free sample pack "To-Go" you can test our cups and lids at your leisure before you decide to purchase larger quantities. You only pay for packaging & shipping.

The #IAMPLASTICFREE Sample-Pack"To-Go" contains:

  • 1x #IAMPLASTICFREE Coffee-To-Go cup 200ml
  • 1x #IAMPLASTICFREE Coffee-To-Go-Mug 300ml
  • 1x #IAMPLASTICFREE Lid for Coffee-To-Go cup Ø80mm (fits 200ml cup)
  • 1x #IAMPLASTICFREE Lid for Coffee-To-Go cup Ø90mm (fits 300ml cups)
  • 1x #IAMPLASTICFREE Lid with cross slot for Cold Drinks To-Go Ø90mm (fits 300ml cups)

Offer is limited to one sample pack per order.

  • 100% cellulose
  • Without coating
  • heat resistant
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Verschiedene zusammengerollte Holzfasern auf grünen Pflanzen

Made from natural pulp

Our to-go products are made of cellulose, a natural pulp obtained from various plant fibers and wood.

Hände, die Erde halten


Because our to-go products are made from pure cellulose, they degrade completely in home compost and leave no microplastics behind, as they contain no coating.

Blaue Mülltonne mit weißem Recycling Logo

Recyclable via the paper bin

Due to the nature of the cellulose and the fact that no (plastic) coating is used, our to-go products can be disposed of with the paper waste and can be recycled very easily.

#IAMPLASTICFREE To-Go Becher mit Deckeln in 4er Becherhalter stehend, Ansicht von oben

Suitable for hot drinks

Due to the robustness of the material, our to-go products also withstand hot drinks and do not soften.

#IAMPLASTICFREE Gründer Daniel Knoeepel (links) und Kevin Mata (rechts) an einem Briefkasten mit Versandtasche

Support young start-ups

Would you like to support a young start-up? Then you are exactly right with us. We have been developing and selling innovative, plastic-free products in a small team since 2018.

#IAMPLASTICFREE Gründer Daniel Knoeppel (links) und Kevin Mata (rechts) vor DHL Auto mit Versandtasche in der Hand

Fast delivery

Of course, we use plastic-free packaging and ship CO2-neutral with DHL GoGreen and DPD. And if things don't go fast enough, we'll lend a hand ourselves.

Known from the TV show Galileo (ProSieben)

In February 2021, a camera team from the knowledge magazine Galileo accompanied us and let us tell our story. You can view the post here .

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  • Plastic-free bags for stationary retailers

    With our extensive range, we offer you a selection of sustainable Coffee-To-Go cups and lids without coatings, made from high-quality cellulose. These sustainable materials rely on natural resources and help minimize your environmental footprint.

  • Alternatives to the plastic bag

    Our to-go cups and lids are made of pure cellulose and are therefore not only plastic-free, but also biodegradable and compostable. You are making a valuable contribution to reducing single-use plastic and promoting a sustainable environment.

  • Environmentally friendly and resource-saving paper cups and lids

    With our test pack, you get the chance to experience the benefits of our nature-based to-go cups and lids for yourself. Not only do they offer an environmentally friendly solution for your hot and cold drinks, they also conserve resources and support a sustainable lifestyle.

  • Recyclable and environmentally friendly to-go items

    Our environmentally friendly coffee-to-go cups and lids made of cellulose are recyclable, so they can simply be disposed of with the waste paper after use. Do without harmful and difficult-to-recycle coatings and rely on a really sustainable alternative.

  • Enjoy drinks on the go without a guilty conscience

    Discover the variety of environmentally friendly to-go cups and lids made of cellulose in our test package. Enjoy your drinks on the go without a guilty conscience and actively contribute to the preservation of our environment.

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