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Bubble Tea Straws from wood

Bubble Tea Straws from wood

The perfect sustainable drinking straw for bubble teas. Comes in packs of 150 pieces each.

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1 pack contains 150 straws

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These straws are perfect for making your bubbleteas more sustainable:

  • Made from coiled pine wood
  • Pointed bottom end
  • Stable for hours
  • Certified home compostable
  • Chic natural look


Available in one size 12x200mm

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#IAMPLASTICFREE Trinkhalm Wood aus Holz, Nahaufnahme

Disposable pine drinking straw

Our Bubbletea drinking straw is a natural product consisting of a thin, wound pine wood layer and glue. This process is so far only used for paper straws.

Nadelwald mit Nebel

From sustainable forestry

Only pine wood from sustainable forestry is used for the stalks.

High stability

While paper straws become soft after 30-60 minutes, our wooden bubble tea straw is super sturdy even after hours in the drink.

Eine Nahaufnahme des schrägen Anschnitts der Bubbletea-Trinkhalme von #IAMPLASTICFREE

Suitable for hot drinks

By using a thin layer of wood, instead of paper, the straw is also suitable for hot drinks and does not buckle.

#IAMPLASTICFREE Gründer Daniel Knoeepel (links) und Kevin Mata (rechts) an einem Briefkasten mit Versandtasche

Young start-up

You want to support a young start-up? Then you are exactly right with us. Since 2018 we, Kevin and Daniel, develop and distribute innovative, plastic-free products in a small team.

#IAMPLASTICFREE Gründer Daniel Knoeppel (links) und Kevin Mata (rechts) vor DHL Auto mit Versandtasche in der Hand

Fast delivery

Of course, we use plastic-free packaging and ship climate-neutral with DHL GoGreen and DPD. And if it's not fast enough, we'll lend a hand ourselves.

#IAMPLASTICFREE Gründer Daniel und Kevin bei den Dreharbeiten von ihrem Auftritt bei Galileo

Bekannt aus der TV-Sendung Galileo (ProSieben)

Vor einiger Zeit hat uns ein Kamerateam des Wissensmagazins Galileo begleitet und uns unsere Story erzählen lassen. Den Beitrag kannst du dir hier anschauen.

#IAMPLASTICFREE Trinkhalm Wood aus Holz einzeln auf Holz liegend

Free samples

You are still undecided? Our free sample pack is the ideal set to test our straws first.

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Frequently asked questions

Do the straws soften in the drink?

No, because we use a thin layer of pine wood instead of paper for the #IAMPLASTICFREE Drinking Straw Wood, the straws are still very sturdy even after hours in the drink.

Is the drinking straw tasteless?

The #IAMPLASTICFREE drinking straw Wood is predominantly tasteless, especially when you drink a beverage with an inherent taste. Experience shows that a slightly woody taste is only noticeable when you drink pure water through the Wood straw.

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