6 helpful tips for gastronomy in Corona times

6 hilfreiche Tipps für die Gastronomie in Corona-Zeiten

Whether it's walks in the park, working out in the gym, brunching with our best friends, short trips to the nearest city, or an after-work beer in our favorite pub, we can now enjoy our regained freedom and are happy to do so. Although masks and distance are still on the agenda, they no longer bother us.

To ensure that we all have a good stay, the restaurant and hotel industry is currently facing major challenges. How can reopening be combined with a safe and trustworthy atmosphere for guests and employees? What solutions and ideas are available for a carefree Corona gastronomy, we have collected for you in the following.

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1. digital guest registration

Requesting personal data is now part of the mandatory program of the Corona gastronomy. At the same time, it is best to be hygienic, confidential and transparent. Many restaurant, bar and hotel owners* have now established a digital solution. Guests are invited to register online on their own. This is an environmentally friendly option that saves pen and paper. In addition, a public guest list can be avoided, thus better protecting guests' privacy and contact details. Confidentiality: Check!

But implementing this online tool is not that easy. Not all operators* know how to create or scan their own login field or QR code. But don't worry, here comes a solution idea:

Fortunately, there are now various providers who want to make guest registration easier. For example, three software developers from Nuremberg have made it their business to assist businesses in the catering industry with their free online tool. Under corona-anmeldung.de one finds a simple step by step guidance, in order to register its guests digitally. Transparency: Check!

Guests can then register independently on their smartphones. Who does not possess a Smartphone, can be cared for and registered by the personnel individually. This not only saves paperwork, but also minimizes direct contact with guests. Hygiene: Check!

Tip: The menu can also be stored digitally via a QR code. Digital menus can eliminate another potential source of bacteria and viruses.

2. set up a pick-up station

To offer guests a way to enjoy treats and drinks away from home, numerous creative offerings can be found, such as picnic baskets, lunch boxes, Dinner@Home, pizza-to-go or home cocktails. Who can say "no" to a nautical picnic basket, a Tuscan lunchbox or a Quarantini cocktail?

For this, you can simply set up a pick-up station at a store door or window so that the people picking up the basket don't come into contact with the other guests. It's best to think of distance markings in front of the door.

Sustainability also plays a role, of course. Even though there aren't too many ways to get by with little to no packaging waste yet, there are some ideas. These include the use of weck jars, deposit baskets, reusable cups and plastic-free alternatives for bags or drinking straws.

For more ideas on plastic-free out-of-home ordering, check out our previous blog article here.

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3. have sharing offers booked in advance

Whether it's brunch, cheese fondue, tapas night or simply bread & dips: Sharing food is a sought-after offering in the restaurant industry. With the Corona conditions this is more difficult to organize. But so that you don't have to do without, here are a few helpful tips:

By booking in advance, you can plan better in terms of both time and space and, if necessary, move tables together, relocate plants or even erect partition walls. It's best to refer to this on your website, on your social media channels, and by posting a notice right on site. With all-you-can-eat or buffet offerings, the food can be pre-portioned. This still makes it possible to provide the full range of delicacies. The entire repertoire of bowls, dishes, plates, cups or even glasses can be used.

Insider tip: An etagere is ideal for this and is currently celebrating its comeback as a noble sharing tool. In addition, there are some helpful ideas on how to avoid plastic when snacking together:You can find more info on the zero waste lifestyle at foodsharing and buffets here.

In addition, moving outdoors can help. Under the motto #Summerfest or #Deluxepicknick food can be distributed outside, easily picked up or even delivered. Who doesn't enjoy a creative outdoor feast this time of year?

4. upgrade for the outdoors

Have you always wanted to upgrade your outdoor space, but the "outdoors" project kept getting put off? Then now is the time to finally tackle it and create a nice summery atmosphere with enough space for your guests. To make it more relaxed for you, you can also set up a station (window, sideboard, shelf) for the outdoor area where your guests can pick up their food on their own. Let yourself be inspired by"New Work" approaches to upgrade both the ambience of your hospitality business and the satisfaction of your employees.

By creating a more attractive atmosphere, you can even attract new customers who crave variety and appreciate your commitment and dedication. In the evening, you can get your guests in the mood for a cozy summer evening with fairy lights and candles. This is guaranteed to make you a head-turner!

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5. contactless payment

Due to the Corona virus, contactless payment is now booming in Germany. Security, hygiene and speed are the focus here. To avoid direct contact with guests, it is therefore now more than ever worthwhile to introduce contactless payment methods. This method is being used more and more in retail as well as in the restaurant and hotel sectors.

Both classic EC card devices and smart card readers, which are no larger than the credit card itself, are suitable for contactless use. Customers can now pay easily and hygienically using the following methods:

  • EC card
  • Credit card
  • Apps such as Google Pay or Apple Pay

You can combine this right away with the conversion of the POS systems to TSE (tamper-proof technical security equipment) and thus optimize your payment and checkout processes.

6. reunion brings joy

And you can show this to your customers. For example, with a simple "Thank you for coming back" or perhaps a culinary greeting from the kitchen. Just show that, despite the restrictions, you are happy to be able to bring joy to your guests again.

Especially in times like these, empathy and understanding are important in order to find your way back into the new "Corona everyday life" together and make the best of the situation. What counts in the end: The joy of being together, even if on a smaller scale.


With a few tips and tricks it is quite feasible to create a safe & pleasant gastro atmosphere in times of Corona crisis: The tips listed...

  1. Digital guest registration
  2. Set up a pick-up station
  3. Pre-booking of sharing offers
  4. Outdoor upgrade
  5. Contactless payment
  6. Reunion brings joy

... show that it is possible to create a carefree gastronomic routine in which employees* and guests feel comfortable and can enjoy the returning freedom. It is important that all participants adhere to the general requirements, such as the mask obligation and the distance of 1.5m, as well as to the individual rules of each establishment. To show this clearly once again, you can hang a note at the entrance that refers to all important Corona guidelines (general and your individual ones).

We wish you all a successful new start and hope that our tips will simplify your new everyday life and that we can all start safely again!

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