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Cellulose Lids for Coffee-To-Go Cups

Cellulose Lids for Coffee-To-Go Cups

These sustainable to-go lids with drink opening are perfect for teas, coffees and more. Comes in packs of 100 pieces each.

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1 pack contains 100 lids

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Our eco-friendly to-go lids are perfect for offering your hot beverages on the go without using plastic:

  • Convenient drink opening
  • 0% plastic, 0% coated
  • Disposable in paper bin
  • Home compostable


Available in 2 sizes:


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Made from natural pulp

Our lids are made of cellulose, a natural pulp obtained from various plant fibers and wood.

Hände, die Erde halten


Because our lids are made of pure cellulose, they quickly decompose completely in home compost and leave no microplastic components behind, as they do not contain a coating.

Blaue Mülltonne mit weißem Recycling Logo

Recyclable via the paper bin

Due to the nature of the cellulose and the fact that no (plastic) coating is used, our to-go products can be disposed of with the paper waste and recycled.

#IAMPLASTICFREE To-Go Becher mit Deckeln in 4er Becherhalter stehend, Ansicht von oben

Suitable for hot drinks

Due to the robustness of the material, our lids keep your hot drinks warm for as long as possible and do not soften - without being coated.

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Support young start-ups

Would you like to support a young start-up? Then you are exactly right with us. We have been developing and selling innovative, plastic-free products in a small team since 2018.

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Fast delivery

Of course, we use plastic-free packaging and ship CO2-neutral with DHL GoGreen and DPD. And if things don't go fast enough, we'll lend a hand ourselves.

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Free samples

Are you still undecided? Our free sample pack is the ideal set to test our to-go items first.

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  • Disposable lids made from natural materials

    Even if reusable to-go tableware makes sense in many cases, the logistical effort is often difficult to bear. Those who still want to place value on sustainability when it comes to disposable solutions for the to-go area no longer have to look far: With sustainable lids made of cellulose, we offer a natural alternative to plastic lids for hot drinks that is completely biodegradable and recyclable and at the same time free of plastic and PLA. So your guests can enjoy your delicious hot drinks sustainably on the go!

  • Sustainable lid for hot drinks to go

    Anyone who has ever bought a hot drink to go in a disposable cup is probably familiar with the plastic lids for hot drinks. When the Coffee To Go is empty and the cup and lid have done their job, they usually end up in the residual waste, where the plastic is incinerated. In contrast, our disposable lids for hot drinks are made of natural cellulose and are not coated during production, making them completely free of petroleum and quickly biodegradable.

  • Compostable coffee to go lids

    Our sustainable Coffee To Go lids are made entirely from natural cellulose. This is produced from plant fibres and is therefore completely biodegradable. In home compost, the cups dissolve within a few weeks, leaving behind only biomass, water and very little CO2. Thus they are harmless to plants and should small parts be ingested by animals during the composting process, they are excreted and, unlike plastic, do not harm the animals.

  • Sustainable coffee to go lids without coating

    Like all #IAMPLASTICFREE products, the natural lids for hot drinks are free from petroleum-based plastics. So the lids also manage without a coating, without softening or giving an aftertaste. By processing natural cellulose from plant fibres, the structure of our sustainable disposable lids is robust and keeps your delicious Coffee To Go warm for a long time. So your guests can drink your drinks and you all have a clear conscience.